YD goes to Amman Design Week 2016!


Outlining the definition of ‘design’ is incredibly difficult when you’re explaining it to someone with little to no design awareness. Your definition spills into art, into culture, because it has its roots in art and culture. Maybe there’s no such thing as a lack of design awareness… just the lack of a concrete definition.

When you think design, you think of Japan’s oriental/minimal approach, you think of Germany and the Bauhaus movement, you think of Italy’s domination in the transport Industry, you also think of Sweden and how Scandinavian design came to be and came to take over the world. The Middle East has its stronghold on design too, with Turkey, Iran, Israel, all being ingredients within this massive culture cauldron. Amman Design Week is testament to the fact that Jordan has a fresh, distinct flavor to add to this cauldron.

The first of its kind, in a country that knows art, knows tradition, but is still discovering design, the Amman Design Week (held from 1st to 9th September) aimed at initiating the conversation around design, its role in today’s society, its hidden presence over the centuries, and how it can create a positive impact in a way no other profession can.


The Amman Design Week was spread across Amman’s culture corridor, with events and exhibitions being held at four of the city’s key locations for culture exchange. The Hangar, a vast expanse of architecture converted into an exhibition space, hosted work from not just within Jordan but around Jordan too. The idea was to give a platform to design thinking, and to showcase some stellar work. The Hangar was open to the public all week, with all the work meticulously displayed in their grandeur. Artists and Designers bonded with each other as well as visitors, exchanging words and ideas.
The Hangar hosted works spanning not just across countries, but across disciplines too. It was important to not follow a rigorous theme, said ADW curator Sahel Al Hiyari, but rather display diversity built around the unity for the passion to design.


Got Melons? Karpouz Collaborative decorates the Hangar outdoors with precisely stacked watermelons!


Al-Warqaa, the ambitious bird that is chained to the ground.


Secret Sounds of the Desert, a collection of precisely tuned flints that become a mystic music instrument.





Visitors journey through the Smellscapes project, a collection of aromas captured in tiny vessels.



Curator Sahel Al Hiyari and Director Abeer Seikaly walk us through the Hangar Exhibition.


An innovative zebra crossing inspired by Islamic Textiles guides patrons and visitors to the ADW venues.

If the Hangar was a grand gallery showcasing even grander designs, the Makerspace was the mad designer’s laboratory. Two spaces devoted to showing and showcasing the act of creation, the Makerspace had stuff that even we got to see for the first time in our lives! As a creative, the Makerspace was the perfect place to feel at home, amongst experimental designs, eccentric designers, and 3D printers just whirring up a storm!
The Makerspace wasn’t just about displaying. It was where masterclasses on design were held too. Mixed Dimensions, a Jordan based 3D printing start-up showcased the infinite possibilities presented by 3D printing, which the Jordanian Kingdom has put a ban on in the recent past.



Meet Flooff! A shape’shifting installation by Hanna Salameh Design.






Laser cut compressed wood-ash panels make intricate shapes inspired by biogenetic structures.


3D printed Sand Art showing the scope for architecture of the future




The 3D Printing showcase by Mixed Dimensions. Jordan recently put a ban on domestic 3D printing, which Mixed Dimensions is advocating against.



The Raghadan Tourist Terminal was where design met craft met commerce. A lot like an urban design bazaar, the Raghadan housed ADW’s Crafts District, a boulevard with designers on either side showcasing and selling their craft, ranging from textile, to product, to lighting, to even food design! Each stall had a different take on design, and a different story to tell. Amongst that chaotic beauty was a stage for musicians who performed post sunset.


The Orange Boulevard at the Raghadan Tourist Terminal




Recycled Plastic Bags get woven into a magical roof by Kees Chic


Apercu’s Resin + Wood combo is to die for!



Brilliant upcycling of legs from different chairs.






Kees Chic’s intricate plastic woven magic.




The Amman Design Week arose as a beacon for good design in the Middle East. Amidst the rather serious refugee crisis, the Design Week aimed at not just creating social impact and awareness, but also breaking barriers, with designers from neighboring countries collaborating to collectively showcase the power of design thinking. As I type this right now, ADW 2017 is in a nascent stage, developing as a concept. A concept that will further cement Jordan’s reputation as a design powerhouse… and we at Yanko can’t help but feel incredibly excited!

Rocking Horsepower!


Who rides horses anymore?? No one. Then why do little kids have to ride wooden ones? I mean, what are we preparing them for?! Nextofkin, or NOK Creatives designed this awesome rocking horse series that gives kids the taste of something slightly more contemporary. Built with amazing detail, comfortable seats, a mock headlight with handlebars, and even adorable little helmets (hey, we need to teach them road etiquette from the start), the NOK Rockin’ Moto is the perfect upgrade to the century old wooden rocking horse design!

Designer: Nextofkin














Product of the day: Girsberger – Lana

In Lana, Swiss furniture manufacturer Girsberger presents a new chair specially designed for lingering at the dining table. From the first glance, Lanas armchair-like design promises comfort, making it a natural choice for long, pleasant evenings at the dining table. Lanas elegant wooden base supports a continuous bent metal frame. A 3-D mesh is stretched over the frame and holds a cushioned seat mounted on the wooden base. The stretched 3-D mesh forms a semi-transparent three-dimensional shell which gives the chair a light and transparent appearance. Wrap-around upholstery in the back area assures comfort for any seating posture. During Lanas development phase, designer Stefan Westmeyer worked intensively with the latest processing options for 3-D meshes. His objective was a generous, armchair-like design that allows and invites different seating postures. Beyond that, the chair was to make a light and elegant impression. A choice of three colours is available for the 3-D mesh. The leather upholstery is available in a range of different colours. The wooden base is available in walnut, light lacquered ash or black stained ash.

Facebook “Messenger Day” is the chat app’s new Snapchat Stories clone

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A Kiwi Paradise


The luxurious Ocean Nebula Hotel concept is located in New Zealand, and is situated on shallow waters a few miles from the main city. The isolated location requires individuals to travel by boat, making the hotel more than just a place to stay but also a spectacular and unique destination. Exotic in both locale and form, it’s a fantastic and enchanting place for a getaway down under!

Designer: Victoria Litvin








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Make a Money Masterpiece


From coin collectors to travelers, anyone looking to display their rare or commemorative coins or even just random change from different countries should look no further! Numizmatus replaces dusty stockbooks and helps proudly display coin collections.

The minimal frame beautifully presents coins between two glass panes. It’s easy to create a pattern by throwing in coins in a specific way. Numizmatus can supplement pictures and postcards from faraway countries. Want to mix it up?! Coins can be easily taken out without breaking the glass.

Designer: Art Lebedev Studio




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