Pro grammer.

Pro grammer.

My Type of Beer – If Beer Brands used Font Names by Alec Hughes


My Type of Beer is a fun can of beer can brand project that uses font style names for actual beer brand names, designed by Englishman, Alec Hughes. My absolute favourite, in terms of general aesthetics, style and boldness, is the Futura Sharp Bold can of beer. That is very much My Type of Beer can. If […]

🔗 My Type of Beer – If Beer Brands used Font Names by Alec Hughes

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Beating yourself up

This odd behavior mostly shows up when others are criticizing us, disappointed or angry about something we did. Odd because it's so useless.

In those moments, there are already plenty of other people beating you up. Save yourself the trouble.

The rest of the time, when things are going well, it's foolish to stop and engage in self-criticism. It makes more sense to encourage yourself, to bootstrap your way to even more of a ruckus.

So, the moments left to beat yourself up = zero.



Flickr Friday – Unusual Selects

Flickr Friday Selection Gallery - Unusual

What a strange time indeed. This week’s Flickr Friday challenge produced some interesting interpretations on the word ‘Unusual‘ and we are loving it. Some photos took a Halloween approach while others captured cute or interesting daily peculiarities.

FlickrFriday: #Unusual Cup Tree

Add your image or your favorite image to the gallery using [FLICKR URL] in the comment section on the gallery.

View the full Unusual Gallery here!

Mobile Accessory Masterpieces


The OLKA collection of mobile accessories aim to add a little extra oomph to your charging, cable, and smartphone case needs! Designed to be intuitive to use, minimal in form and yet totally fun, the vibrant series includes cables that can be tamed quickly, a super-portable battery charger and slim cellphone cases. In vibrant colors and a fun polkadot pattern, OLKA is sure to spruce up your mobile style.

Designer: Andrew Walla






Taking it all in with @trevorhenry.

Taking it all in with @trevorhenry.

There’s something about the Evoke


Let’s talk about the Evoke, one of the most pleasant looking wireless speakers I’ve seen in a while. The front grill has a beautiful pattern that reminds me of Jawbone’s Jambox. It’s almost become a symbol for portable audio, hasn’t it! The Evoke has a pillow-esque design machined out of aluminum. It gives the illusion of being soft and he anodized metal feels great to touch. While we’re on the subject of touch and everything tactile, Evoke’s product experience relies on hand proximity in an unusually beautiful way. The volume controls are capacitive and flush on the surface. You see them only when they light up, and they light up only when they sense your hand nearby. It’s quite a nifty feature to add, don’t you think! Makes sure the product’s design remains pure and becomes functional only when it needs to!

Designers: Jake (Jongha) Lee & A-LAB.









Pack Smarter!

TROVAL. from FUHUA WANG on Vimeo.

The Troval system eliminates the need for traveling with multiple, cumbersome devices so you can pack lighter and more efficiently! The system includes a modular array of interchangeable heads ranging from shavers to toothbrushes. Depending on your needs for each specific trip, you can leave behind or take along more options to suit your travel needs. Better yet, it doubles as a power bank for your phone or other devices. Compact and easy to carry or stow, it’s a super-convenient to keep in your carry-on, backpack or bag.

Designer: Fuhua Wang














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