Age-old healing meets modern tech.


The Zero Degree inhaler is a modern twist on the ancient practice of aromatherapy to revitalize body and mind! Unlike slow absorption or ingestion methods, the design utilizes dry inhalation because it’s the quickest way to deliver stimulants directly to the brain. Its pocket-friendly, compact size also makes it a lot more convenient. With just a simple twist, air is able to enter through openings located at the back of the inhaler & flow past its unique blend of herbal extracts. No matter where you go, all it takes is a few deep breaths for total stress relief of the mind and calming of the body.

Designer: Sketch Design Consultants






Facebook starts selling offsite ads targeting non-users too

Facebook Shutterstock Facebook’s advertising network is already a colossal business — it helped the social network bring in $5.38 billion in revenue during its most recent quarter alone — but it is about to take a step towards become the internet’s advertising exchange after announcing that it will start showing ads to non-users across the web. Read More

Product of the day: TOTO – NEOREST Series Bathtub, freestanding

The NEOREST bathtub celebrates Japanese bathing culture. The freestanding bathtub underscores the streamlined design of the collection while representing outstanding comfort in the bath. The material used for the bathtub isboth extremely durable and extraordinarily hard. The two armrests are optional, and a removable pillow also provides additional comfort. These options turn the bath into a wonderful wellness experience.

Quora loses its public face, Marc Bodnick

Marc Bodnick Quora’s been at the Q&A game for 7 years now but still is only starting to monetize. It’s growing, but momentum could take a hit tonight as long-time head of business and community Marc Bodnick is leaving to return to the investing world or found his own startup. Bodnick tells me “I’m ready to be part of something that I start, or that I start with others.”… Read More

Announced: 2016 Brand Nieuwe Conference: Online Registration Closes June 10

For both In-person Tickets AND Webcasts

2016 Brand Nieuwe Conference: Online Registration Closes June 10

Online registration for the 2016 Brand Nieuwe Conference in Amsterdam will close on Friday, June 10. This applies to both in-person tickets AND webcast registrations. There will be no exceptions. After June 11, in-person tickets will be available at the door on June 20 for €600 + VAT; webcast registrations will NOT be available after June 11.

For people considering the webcast: Remember that we provide individual video files of all presentations for download a few days after the event so if you miss some or the time difference is too wild, you will get to see all presentations eventually.

Ticket Giveaway! (Next week)
For anyone looking for a chance to attend for free we will have our usual ticket giveaway -- courtesy of our sponsors -- next week, from Monday through Wednesday. We will match however many tickets they put into the pool. At this point, there might be a good 20 tickets to be had.

PS. If you have read this far, let me reward you with a Pro tip: Check the Twitter feeds of our Presenting and Event sponsors, there might be a 25% discount code somewhere in there!

Many thanks to our ADVx3 Partners

The Concrete Beat


The Concretus is the kind of speaker that becomes the topic of conversation, but it isn’t the kind you can carry around showing everyone. The reason? It’s made from concrete. Yes! The concrete used to build massive homes, malls, offices! It may seem to be an unusual choice of material, but its uniqueness lies in that very fact (Concrete isn’t new to the audio world, if you remember). Concrete in itself is a material with imperfections, but it contributes to a larger sense of aesthetics, making each product unique in a way, because each speaker has a different surface finish, different air-bubbles in different places. The controls are made out of metal, standing out like a diamond among the dirt.

On the whole, the Concretus boasts of a clean, yet rough exterior, and a design that is too unusually calming to forget.

Designer: Gražina Bočkutė








Twitter tunes into Spotify to soundtrack its audio cards

Spotify Twitter Whistle while you tweet with the new partnership between Twitter and Spotify. Now you can listen to 30-second previews of songs in your timeline and Moments thanks to Twitter’s audio cards that now support Spotify. Twitter first launched audio cards in 2014 with iTunes previews and later worked with SoundCloud. Now the most popular on-demand subscription streaming service will lend your… Read More

Make you Feel on ‘Top’ of the World!


You probably think I’m going to make an Inception reference, but I’m not! Let’s move beyond stating the obvious and talk about the Foreverspin. Our planet Earth spins at 1040 mph, but we don’t feel a thing. We just accept the fact that in 24 hours a massive orb of fire a million miles from us does a round of the sky all around the world, just to be back the next day. The Foreverspin is a spinning top that allows us to tune out the world and bring our attention to the amazing, ever-hypnotic, spinning movement. The machine milled top comes with an exquisite surface finish, and in five material variants. These materials are carefully curated for their spinning abilities. The tops come with a rotation disc that boasts of a brilliant smooth finish, allowing your top to spin for longer. Flip the disc over and you have a groove in which your top can rest comfortably, on display.

The tops come with a serial number and a hologram, after going through rigorous quality tests. They also come with the claim of lasting forever, and to sweeten the deal, also with a lifetime guarantee!

Designer: ForeverSpin

Buy It Here: $33.99 $48.00






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