Facebook at Work will launch on October 10 in London

screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-13-06-18 Some more details are coming through on Facebook at Work, the social network’s big effort to move into enterprise communication services with a business version of its popular platform. Facebook has now sent out invites for a Facebook at Work launch event to take place in London on Monday, October 10. The invite confirms our report earlier this week that it would launch next month,… Read More

Being Lazy Just Got Easier


This quirky design will make you giggle but it’s actually quite sensible! The first of its kind, the Lazy Pad was designed for those of us who like to sprawl out on the floor while we play with or work on our tablets, computers or phones.

This unnatural positioning puts a lot of strain on the back, elbows, shoulders and wrists. The ergonomic Lazy Pad addresses this problem by providing a place to prop up that takes pressure off the arms and shoulders, distributing weight across the upper body. Made from nylon, its flexible form is comfy to rest on for those times you just gotta be a ‘lil lazy!

Designer: CoolWares Lab






Fully baked

In medical school, an ongoing lesson is that there will be ongoing lessons. You're never done. Surgeons and internists are expected to keep studying for their entire career—in fact, it's required to keep a license valid.

Knowledge workers, though, the people who manage, who go to meetings, who market, who do accounting, who seek to change things around them—knowledge workers often act as if they're fully baked, that more training and learning is not just unnecessary but a distraction.

The average knowledge worker reads fewer than one business book a year.

On the other hand, the above-average knowledge worker probably reads ten.

Show me your bookshelf, or the courses you take, or the questions you ask, and I'll have a hint as to how much you care about levelling up.


The Back-saving Shovel


Shovel designs have addressed the handles in different forms but the design of the blade itself has never been reconsidered. The Stealth Shovel, named for its geometric and sleek shape, revolutionizes the shovel blade with a more effective and easier to use blade and cutting edge.

It features an added top blade that works in tandem with the bottom blade to control the quantity and weight of the content that one lifts when shoveling or moving materials. This means consistent loads and enhanced efficiency for the user. Better yet, it limits the amount of force that one places on the back when lifting loads, therefore reducing risk of injury.

The Stealth Shovel is a 2015 Red Dot Award winner.

Designer: Troy Backhouse





Product of the day: DLW Flooring – Mix & Match

Flooring has to be very versatile: it has to be conductive in operating rooms or laboratories, absorb sound in hallways, and be slip-resistant in sanitary facilities and retail areas. With Mix & Match, DLW Flooring brings a clever and versatile toolbox of flooring choices onto the market, which includes homogeneous vinyl flooring in several different colour tones, each is also available with special technical characteristics. This makes it possible to use the same design of flooring throughout an entire building, even when some areas of the building have special technical requirements. www.dlw.eu

Felt strange to find this floor completely empty in the middle…

Felt strange to find this floor completely empty in the middle of a busy Saturday afternoon. (at San Francisco, California)

Facebook’s F8 2017 conference outgrows SF, hits San Jose April 18th-19th

f8-press-asset-1200x6302x Facebook couldn’t fit all the developers for its F8 conference into San Francisco’s Fort Mason any more, so F8 will take place at San Jose’s McEnery Convention Center on April 18th and 19th, 2017. Registration hasn’t started yet but will follow the same rules as last year, which you’ll want to follow if you’re trying to get a seat as it always sells out quickly. Read More

An Imagination Railway Station


Crazy question. Would we still have trains in the future? Designer Igor Neminov has it all figured out. Not only will we have trains, they’ll be operated by the military, because the military rules everything. There’ll be stations whose architecture look like a fusion of a free thinking free-spirited society with the discipline of the military world. Here’s what Igor imagines the Los Angeles Railway Station will look like in the future.

How about you readers design an amazing train for this station! What say?

Designer: Igor Neminov




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