Wildlife Wednesday: Colorful chameleons

In this week’s photo selection, let’s explore the amazing reptiles known for their full range of colors and ability to blend into surroundings: chameleons. Here’s a delightful batch of species found in Madagascar to Singapore.

Chameleon on the branch
Tambako the JaguarChameleon on the branch

“This is a chameleon from Madagascar living in the Masoala hall of the zoo of Zürich.” – Tambako The Jaguar

Chameleon in the camp
Tom HuberChameleon in the camp

“Very lucky to have even seen this camouflaged guy at all.” – Tom Huber

I didn't miss him.
hiromu jimboI didn't miss him.
"Elephant-eared Chameleon" (Calumma amber) found at Amber Mountain National Park, North Madagascar.
One more shot Rog"Elephant-eared Chameleon" (Calumma amber) found at Amber Mountain National Park, North Madagascar.

“Also known as the Short-horned Chameleon. The most striking and distinctive features of the short-horned chameleon are its large, ear-like occipital lobes, and the short bony appendage that projects from the snout.” – Roger Sargent

Bradypodion occidentale
J P BrouardBradypodion occidentale

“The Western Dwarf Chameleon can be found on the west coast of South Africa. This specimen is well camouflaged in its surroundings near Lambert’s Bay, Western Cape, South Africa.” – Jean-Paul Brouard

Chameleon Camouflage
spinthedayChameleon Camouflage
Sonali DalalCamouflage
Uroplatus lineatus
ileiryUroplatus lineatus

“Stick chameleon, champion for camouflage. Endemic to Madagascar and found only in the eastern rainforest.” – Andriambolantsoa Rasolohery

Panther chameleon
Pierre-Yves BabelonPanther chameleon

Panther chameleon, endemic reptile of Madagascar. – Pierre-Yves Babelon

The Don

“Looking for new territories” – Gourav Konar

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The Bélo Report
Taking media reaction in stride, Airbnb made an infographic from the feedback received on its new logo. Many thanks to our ADVx3 Partners

Noted: New Logo and Identity for McGrathNicol by Hulsbosch

M to the N

New Logo and Identity for McGrathNicol by Hulsbosch

"McGrathNicol is an independent boutique advisory firm specialising in Advisory, Forensic, Transaction Services and Corporate Recovery. We are a market leader in Australia and in New Zealand, with more than 30 Partners and 300 people across the region. McGrathNicol has earned a reputation for achieving innovative, high quality results by providing technical excellence, responsive advice and sound execution capability."

Design by: Hulsbosch (Sydney, Australia)

Opinion/Notes: For an advisory firm — I'm thinking Accenture, EY, etc. — the old logo was pretty decent, especially if you like formula-like logos. But it was repetitive and probably hard to use. The new monogram is a lovely combination of an "M" and an "N" with a cool multi-line approach. I really like asymmetry and harsh corners. Not sure what's going on with the wordmark… I think they started with Gotham and then point-ied up the "M" and upper-left of the "N". Probably goes under the radar for most folks. The custom alphabet is nice and the applications pretty straightforward with the multiple line approach evident throughout. Overall, quite nice.

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New Logo and Identity for McGrathNicol by Hulsbosch
Logo detail.
New Logo and Identity for McGrathNicol by Hulsbosch
Custom alphabet.
New Logo and Identity for McGrathNicol by Hulsbosch
Sample guideline pages.
New Logo and Identity for McGrathNicol by Hulsbosch
Event invitations.
New Logo and Identity for McGrathNicol by Hulsbosch
Print materials.
New Logo and Identity for McGrathNicol by Hulsbosch
Lobby signage.
New identity introduction.
Many thanks to our ADVx3 Partners

Core77 Design Awards 2014: The Best DIY Designs of the Year


There's something magical about seeing a design on paper and bringing it to life with your own hands. In true DIY spirit, many of this year's winning designs use materials that can be found lying around most homes—or obtained with a quick trip to a hobby store—meaning just about anyone can create their own award-winning design with a little bit of work. The honorees range from simple wire stamps to elaborate instructions for a workspace staple. Even more important, the winning designs are fun—which, as well all know, is as one of the most important aspects of DIY culture.

The jury team—led by Ayah Bdeir of littleBits—chose a winning group of eight from the submissions that they felt best manifested the vitality and enthusiasm of the DIY community. If you missed it the first time around, see which designs took home the 'mold,' so to speak, from the DIY category:


Winner: NeoLucida, by Pablo Garcia and Golan Levin

Inspired by the 19th century Camera Lucida, NeoLucida is a drawing aid that helps artists reproduce subjects by tracing a superimposed image from a prism. The jury was most impressed with Pablo Garcia and Golan Levin's ability to update a historic tool into a modern and functional device: "There is something beautiful about art that allows other people to make art. It takes an old technology that is obsolete, revitalizes it and makes it open and accessible to people everywhere to make for themselves."

» Learn more about Neolucida


Runner Up: Tri-Horse, by Brian Campbell

On a search for stability, woodworker Brian Campbell designed a three-point sawhorse design fro Fine Homebuilding Magazine that faired much better than the quadruped designs out there. Tri-Horse is made completely from plywood and serves a myriad of purposes—from miter saw and table saw stands to a general catch-all station for your portable workspace. The jury appreciated the way the design encourages DIY spirit: "The Tri-Horse takes a very common tool whose flaws we have come to accept and re-engineers it in a simple but effective way. Like the Neolucida, we like tools that empower people to make their own DIY objects."

» Learn more about Tri-Horse


Ready to Be Part of What’s Next? Join 3M as a Graphic Designer in Maplewood, Minnesota

Work for 3M!

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With a bachelor's degree in graphic design and at least 3 years of experience, you'll possess exceptional attention to detail in graphics, layout, and typography, demonstrated flexibility in multiple task assignments while maintaining a high level of accuracy and a knack for translating business objectives into creative solutions. If this sounds like you and you want to be a part of what's next, Apply Now.



Dial M for Martin

New Logo and Identity for Martin by Born & Raised

Established in 1976, Martin is a vocational education and training institution in Australia offering government-accredited diplomas in business, management, information technology, marketing, graphic design, events, and tourism. With campuses in Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Sydney, each with an average of 400 students, Martin offers full-time, part-time, online, and distance learning. Earlier this month, the college introduced a new identity designed by Sydney-based Born & Raised.

Martin College has existed for over 35 years, providing diplomas across Business and Marketing, Graphic Design and IT, Travel and Tourism. But despite its heritage, the brand has lacked any distinction in market — and talked to all student types in the same generalist manner. With an ambitious new management team and equally ambitious business targets in place, along with new higher education courses coming online, we developed a brand with the ambition and confidence to match the organisation's changing culture.

Project page on Behance

New Logo and Identity for Martin by Born & Raised
Sampling of old look.
A research and strategy phase unlocked a new brand architecture for simpler Schools (faculties), and drove the name change to Martin, doing away with the educator's vocational heritage.

We created a flexible branding system that spoke to creative industries in a very different way to business candidates, using our M mark as a bold, flexible pattern.

We developed strong messaging and tone of voice that placed focus on Martin's unique qualities — teachers and mentors that genuinely care, a supportive and social working environment, and incredibly flexible study options.

Project page on Behance

New Logo and Identity for Martin by Born & Raised
Logo detail with animated content.

The old logo and look were dowdy at best and failed to provide Martin with any kind of unique voice to attract students. The new logo, with the big M, feels fairly institutional — it could easily represent the architecture of a big campus structure from a large college — and professional. The wordmark seems like it could use some Wheaties, it's a little thin in contrast to the really large M monogram and their visual relationship doesn't quite finish meshing together. The main lock-ups with MARTIN underneath or MARTIN to the side (as on their website) make the name appear too small or too big, respectively; while a six-letter name would seem like the more flexible, cooler option to work with, adding "COLLEGE" into the lock-ups would have yielded more balanced configurations. The combination works much better in the sub-brands (below) where there is more type, balancing out the size of the "M". It's definitely a much more marketable logo and one that should be far more memorable than its predecessor.

New Logo and Identity for Martin by Born & Raised
New Logo and Identity for Martin by Born & Raised
Wall decorations.
New Logo and Identity for Martin by Born & Raised
New Logo and Identity for Martin by Born & Raised
Photo treatment.
New Logo and Identity for Martin by Born & Raised
Sub-brand brochure covers.
New Logo and Identity for Martin by Born & Raised
Newspaper print piece.
New Logo and Identity for Martin by Born & Raised
Outdoor ad.
New Logo and Identity for Martin by Born & Raised
Nice take on the logo-as-window. Downloadable frame here.

In application there is a few attractive things happening, like the "M" used almost like a bow tie on top of pictures of smiling students and a vibrant color palette. There is the good ol' logo-as-window approach, which doesn't feel as grating here as it usually does, perhaps because of the large square footage of the "M" that provides plenty of window for the images, and when used in a pattern (as in the newspaper) it actually looks cool. Overall, nothing groundbreaking but an obviously beneficial redesign that gives Martin plenty of variations to communicate in a more interesting way than before.

Many thanks to our ADVx3 Partners

Product of the day: DEDON – SwingMe

Perfect for one person, SwingMe has all the shapeliness and irresistible charm of the original SWINGREST, but on a much cozier scale. Large enough to envelop the user, allowing him or her to get comfortable in any number of positions, it features a wraparound backrest, expertly shaped and fitted to create a spacious comfort zone. Playfulness and thoughtful attention to detail extend to all aspects of SwingMe and SwingUs, even those hidden from view. Lift the seat cushions, for example, and discover a hand-woven support consisting of four strands of fiber, each a different shape, texture and hue, their weave so complex that it appears effortlessly random.

Extra bokeh

We just came across turntable00000‘s amazing album extra bokeh. Using a home-made tilt-shift adapter he takes magnificent night shots we just had to share with you.

shower time
turntable00000shower time
my collection
turntable00000my collection
compare heights - せいくらべ
turntable00000compare heights – せいくらべ
to Hatsudai - 初台
turntable00000to Hatsudai – 初台
spout - 噴出
turntable00000spout – 噴出

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